Thinking of a job in Community Services within WA?

There’s a growing demand for community service jobs across Australia. We will require almost one million aged care workers by 2050. The increase in community services jobs is driven mainly by the demand for aged and disability support professionals for Australia’s ageing population. In Western Australia there was a 49% year-over-year job growth in WA community services jobs in 2018 and this trend has continued.

Here’s why a Career in Community Services can be a Rewarding Experience:

Make a Difference to People’s Lives

If you are a person who wants to make a difference to other people’s lives – a job in Community Services may be perfect for you. Community Service jobs allow you to help vulnerable sections of society. You will make a visible difference to others’ lives.

Working in Community Services enables you to help people who need advice and support so that they can live fuller lives. You get to assist them in their everyday struggles and make them feel more inclusive. The satisfaction of helping people live their lives is rewarding. Doing your job well means you will help make others’ lives better. This can bring great job satisfaction.

Job Choice

The Community Services industry has a vast variety of roles you can work in. For example, working in aged care is quite different to working with people with a disability. Once you are in the industry there is scope to work with different parts of the community which can keep your career interesting.

Career Growth

The Community Services industry offers lots of diverse career opportunities. There are several roles in the field including; case worker, case management supervisor, community services manager, support case worker, program coordinator, counsellor, advocate, child protection officer, community development officer, child protection officer, community care coordinator, and welfare worker.

The Community Services sector is also set to continue to generate many future jobs.

Work Where You Want

Community Service workers are required all across Australia – from big cities to tiny remote towns. In this field you can choose the location you want to work in, as there are jobs throughout Australia.

The choice of where you work can make a big difference on your lifestyle. For example, you may be able to work close to home, or you may choose to live and work in a small town, rather than a big city.

Job Security

Job security is important for peace of mind. Due to the increasing ageing population, the community service sector will require more and more workers. You can be confident of continued jobs and opportunities to grow your career.

Personal Growth

This is a career where you will develop your communication skills. You will also learn the art of developing lasting relationships as you assist people in various aspects of their daily lives. Your time spent in Community Services helps you become a more empathetic and understanding person and most of all, you are making a difference!


The Community Services industry in Western Australia is becoming more technology and data-driven. For example, remote monitoring of clients is becoming more common. If you have an innovative mindset, you may enjoy the use of technology and be able to bring fresh ideas to the industry in the future.

Get Job Ready Skills

The Certificate III in Community Services is designed for entry-level community services workers. It provides the necessary skills for people wanting to start working in the industry. It is ideal for people who want to offer day-to-day support to people in community settings, or for people implementing community-based programs. Work may take place in a range of community services organisations.

The certification in Community Services also serves as a pathway for other courses like Individual Support (Ageing), Individual Support (Disability), or Individual Support (Home and Community).

To find out more about starting a Certificate III in Community Services, read more here