Thinking of a job in Community Services within WA?

There’s a growing demand for community service jobs across Australia. We will require almost one million aged care workers by 2050. The increase in community services jobs is driven mainly by the demand for aged and disability support professionals for Australia’s ageing population. In Western Australia there was a 49% year-over-year job growth in WA community services jobs in 2018 and this trend has continued.

Here’s why a Career in Community Services can be a Rewarding Experience:

Skills Needed to Become a Community Support Worker

Community support workers are also called social workers, social support workers, or welfare workers. They cater to individuals such as the disabled and the elderly and help them with their social, physical, and emotional needs. They support them in various ways, such as providing personal care like grooming and feeding or doing household chores like cooking and cleaning. They also help them in transportation and recreation.

Support workers are indispensable professionals who provide care and assistance to clients to help them achieve independence in their daily lives.